A Photographer With A Vision

A Wondrous Journey- a small book with big lessons
Sometimes something special happens when two people meet. You will find the result of such a meeting laid out on the pages of this wonderful book. A Wondrous Journey is a touching story that demonstrates what can occur when action is taken. When photographer Lynn Cluess Manzione decides to take on a project to counter what certain media are portraying as “women worthy of our attention,” she finds herself on an incredible journey. On it, she travels through time with Dr. Martha MacGuffie, a retired surgeon and eighty-six year old humanitarian whose poignant story not only achieves the photographer’s mission to show that beauty is heart and soul deep, but also offers wonderful life lessons along the way. A Wondrous Journey is the chronicle of Dr. MacGuffie's inspiring life story—one of triumph, loss, and profound compassion. It is also a journey of self-discovery for Manzione, which leads to what they both share on the pages of this small book with big lessons.

In The Face Of Adversity
An inspiring documentary about life of Dr. Martha MacGuffie.

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